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How do I find my product’s weight information?

We recommend that you go to, search for a similar product and use their information as a reference to complete your quote.

How long does it take to receive packages?

Express Packages that are received at our Miami facility are sent to Dominica within 72 hours or less. Your packages will be available for collection at our office within two business days after the cargo is cleared at the Port.

Sea Packages are shipped to Dominica every Thursday and arrive in Dominica the following Tuesday.

Cut off time?

Express packages need to arrive before 12pm daily and will be shipped out at the end of the day.

Sea packages must arrive before 12pm on Mondays.

What days do you ship?

Express packages are shipped out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

Sea cargo is shipped out every Thursday.

What are your office hours?

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 2:00pm

Sunday: Closed

What are your Warehouse opening hours?

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Saturdays: Closed

Sundays: Closed


How is Duty Calculated?

Duty is calculated on the CIF priced of the package times the duty percentage applicable

What is CIF value?

CIF means “cost, insurance and freight”

What is a pre-alert?

A pre-alert is a way for you to let us know you have a package coming.  By doing this you give us the original tracking number and an invoice which then allows us to process your package much more quickly when it arrives in Miami.  

How do I pre-alert?

Login to your account, on your dashboard you will see a link to “Prealert your package”  You will need the tracking number and the detailed copy of your invoice for the package.

login freightmaster or login weforward

What is CIF value?

CIF means “cost, insurance and freight”

What size package can I ship?

You can receive packages of any size. It is best to ship small packages by express and larger packages by SEa to save on cost.

How is freight calculated?

Air cargo is calculated by weight, however, based on the higher of the two weights. The actual weight or the volumetric weight [length x width x height] divided by 138

Sea cargo is calculated based on the cubic weight, calculated as follows [length x width x height] divided by 1728.

What is a VIP clients?

VIPs are those who order packages in excess of 36 times per year, and settle their debt promptly.

VIP’s received special privilege’s and discounts, click here for more details.

Making a claim?

Claims for lost items can be made through any Customer service agent. In order to certify a lost item that has not entered the Freight Master system, the customer must provide, proof of delivery issued by the seller’s logistics operator, it must show the address and the person who received the item, the delivery of the package in our facilities, if this happens, a credit will be made to the Customer’s Freight Master account or reimbursement will be made through the payment options available in the destination country.

We will NOT accept any liability for packages not received by staff or left at the front of the building.


What is a Deposit?

Due to recent changes at Customs, Couriers are required to have deposit accounts and load the said account in advance of clearing packages. As a result clients are now asked to make a deposit before packages are processed and cleared.

What is Port Excess Storage Charge?

The port excess storage fee is applied when goods remain on the port in excess of 7 working days.

What is the Insurance charge?

All packages shipped are mandatorily insured for $100.00 EC at a cost of $5.00 EC. Insurance on televisions is mandatory once the invoice is uploaded to the system an insurance fee of 10% of the value will be applied.

For more information click here

What is a Finance charge?

The finance charge is applied to unpaid packages in the office in excess of 7 working days. The cost is 2.5% of the outstanding payment due monthly

Office Storage charge?

This refers to the cost of storing your unpaid goods in the office. The cost is $5.00 per week

Items left at the port for more than 180 days?

Packages left on the port in excess of 180 days are auctioned by Customs. Kindly note the freight is still payable by the client to the company.

Items left in the office for more than 60 days?

Packages left in the office in excess of 60 days will be sold to recover the cost to the company. Any shortfall will be collected from the client.

If I receive multiple items do I need to pay for all?

If you order and receive multiple packages you must pay for all and not for some. You are not allowed to pick and choose which you want to ay for.

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