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Insurance Coverage

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Mandatory Insurance

All packages shipped are mandatorily insured for $100.00 EC at a charge of $5.00 EC

The following items will be insured based on the actual or estimated value:
TV’s, Plasma, LCD or LED technology, Flatbed scanners, Microwave ovens Monitors
Any other glass, porcelain, ceramic or concrete products.
Any improper or inadequately packaged items from the shipper.
These items can be insured “externally”, please contact us for details.

Insurance on televisions is mandatory once the invoice is uploaded to the system an insurance fee of 5% of the value will be applied.

Additional Insurance

In order to increase the insurance on your package, one MUST pre-alert, upload the invoice and also add the value to the description of the package on the system. Sending an email with the same information will not automatically increase the value unless you receive an email confirming the additional insurance coverage.

Insurance Company

Please note that due to the fact that the insurance company is not affiliated with us, shipping charges are not covered by the insurance. Should you require “insuring” the freight on a heavy item please contact us prior to shipping such item(s).

**Insurance rates and services are subject to change without notice.**