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Update on Service Enhancements and Fee Adjustments

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Dear Valued Clients,

I hope this message finds you well. At Weforward Freightmaster, we continuously strive to refine our services to provide you with efficient and reliable shipping solutions. As part of this commitment, we are currently reviewing and optimizing our business model to ensure both profitability and improved service delivery.

To achieve this, we are directing our focus towards our key clients who [1] actively engage with our shipping system. [2] Clients who regularly ship at least once a month, [3] diligently follow pre-alert procedures, [4] promptly upload invoices, and [5] settle payments upon the arrival of goods. 

Your collaborative efforts significantly aid us in expediting the clearance of goods and minimizing interactions with customs, leading to greater operational efficiency.

In recent industry trends, many companies have engaged in a race to the bottom by drastically reducing rates. This competitive drive for the lowest prices directly impacts the quality and speed of services provided. Ship Owners, shipping rates have been adjusted twice this year. Additionally, from October to January annually, shippers apply a peak season fee, which we have absorbed for several years. However, to maintain our commitment to quality service, we find it necessary to adjust our fees to cover these seasonal expenses. Your new invoices will reflect a slight increase to accommodate these adjustments effective November.

As part of our dedication to better communication, we aim to keep you informed and updated. Please make use of your dashboard for real-time package updates. Furthermore, our website hosts chatbots enabling you to connect with multiple staff members. In cases where our team is unavailable, feel free to leave a message, and we will promptly get back to you. For inquiries, please refrain from using Facebook Messenger as it may lead to delayed responses.

We value your continued trust and collaboration with Weforward Freightmaster, as your ongoing support enables us to enhance our services and continue to serve you efficiently.

For your reference, our updated rates can be found on the following page: [link to rates page].

Thank you for your understanding and continued partnership. Should you have any queries or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. 

Our goal is to provide you, our SPECIAL CLIENTS efficient service.

Warm regards,
Shirnel Labonne