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Shipping Conjestion to Impact Caribbean

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The United States is currently experiencing a nationwide logistics challenge at all levels of the US Supply Chain. Many major ports on the US West Coast and East Coast have on average 8-12 vessels waiting for berthing, resulting in severe disruptions for (VOCC’s) Vessel Operators in discharging & redeploying containers. The port congestion, shorter vessel berthing windows, and labor challenges to handle some 4 to 5 times normal forecasted volumes are impairing normal business flow. This entire situation is exacerbated by a nationwide lack of sufficient Trucking Capacity. – both equipment and drivers.

This can eventually impact timely shipments to Antigua and Dominica, order early and beat the rush.

As the Port Congestion strangles the major US hub ports, many Importers and Online Retailers have started to redirect their imports and exports to alternate ports to gain time lost due to vessel wait times, congested highways, over-capacity rail routes, and insufficient trucking capacity.

South Florida, considered where the Caribbean and Latin America begins, has now been reluctantly pulled back into the US and now facing the same challenges as other US ports. Many South Florida ports have been selected as alternate ports for the major Online Retailers and US conglomerates in search of increased efficiencies. Essentially, South Florida ports are now faced with the same challenges that the other US Ports are experiencing.

Logistics providers (Truckers, Terminal Operators, Railroads, Logistics Employees, Warehouses, and US Highways) in South Florida are now managing volumes beyond projections into 2021. Port Congestion, access to consistent Trucking Capacity, and Rising Costs, are now pressing issues that are impacting our ability to provide consistent exemplary service. Inevitably, Carriers and Port Operators are implementing new surcharges aimed at covering increased operating and labor costs associated with these logistics bottlenecks.

We appreciate your trust, support, and understanding during these challenging times. Providing Superior Service is our goal to you as our valued customer, we will continue to share market updates in the future.