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What Happens When Export Cargo Is Put on Hold by US Customs

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Picture this: after weeks of waiting for the barrel from your mother, your cargo is finally ready to ship from the US to Your island. Your courier provider is rushing against the clock, working diligently to deliver to your packaged to the port for export. At first, everything seems to be going well; your has been dropped off, then all of a sudden, your courier provider is advised that your shipment is on US Customs Hold.

But what does this mean, and what happens next?

With thousands of tons of cargo going out of the country every day, it is the responsibility of US Customs and Border Protection to stay on top of regulating restricted, illegal, or even improperly packaged cargo many import shipments are flagged, putting the process on hold and potentially subjecting the merchandise to an exam.

Where Does Flagged Cargo Go?

If Customs holds your cargo, two things may happen: an agent will perform the inspection at the US port, or the merchandise will be transported to a central examination center. Unfortunately, this process could take days or weeks.

We can assure you that our cargo meets and follows all of the US Customs regulations including full declaration of all goods and images.