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Your Package is at Risk!

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Walmart has a grocery shopping service meant to be delivered to homes in the USA, as a result the packages are delivered in plastic bags. Also, these packages are being left outside our warehouse in Florida by Walmart delivery.

This is not the first time although we have signs stating “do not leave packages at door”. In English and Spanish. When ordering please let the companies know that deliveries are accepted Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 5pm only. Also state “do not leave without a signature”. This will show up on the customers tracking as DELIVERED but we never received it, someone could have easily picked this up. Also Walmart deliverers with abbreviated names or initials. So many times we have no idea who the package belongs to.

To avoid this please;

  1. Advise Walmart to only deliver to an attendant.
  2. Delivery between 9 and 5pm
  3. Ask them to put your full name
  4. Alert us with the tracking number of what you expect.
  5. Or put in our zip code and we can pick it up from the Walmart near our warehouse.
    We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you better.